Squid Related Authenticators Software

This page lists third-party software which is related to or can be integrated with Squid proxy.

For software tools which are packaged by the Squid Project see the helper manuals.

IMAP4 authenticator for Squid   Basic authentication helper allows users of the Squid Web cache proxy to authenticate against an IMAP4 server. Written in Perl by Robert M. Kettles and based on the POP3 authenticator by Henrik Nordstrom for Squid. Depends on Mail::IMAPClient.
mysql_auth   A basic auth helper written in C called mysql_auth that authenticates against a MySQL database.
Squid Users Manager 599 Internal Exception
Squid Users management is a web-enabled and intuitive user interface writen upon Ruby on Rails web development framework that manager Squid Proxy NCSA auth users across MD5 digest files. Squid Users management is Open Source, distributed under the terms of the GPL licence.
shaga_auth 404 Not Found
A free authenticator program for Squid and the ShagaEngine billing system.
htpasswd 403 Forbidden
The htpasswd.c program, from NCSA httpd, can be used to manage a password file for Squid when using the NCSA authenticator. You can also download the manual page (troff source). Pedro L Orso has adapted the source into a CGI script (chpasswd-cgi.tar.gz) that enables your users to change their own passwords.

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