Squid Support Services

The following companies offer Squid Support services:

Acme Consulting S.r.l.
Rivoli (TO), Italy
+39 011 953 01 35
Acme Consulting S.r.l. provides a wide range of Squid commercial services, including but not limited to customizations, training, support, installation services, Windows integration and much more on Linux, Unix and Windows platforms. All backed up by the official maintainer of the Windows port of Squid who is also one of the core Squid developers.
Acme Solutions
Rome, Italy
Acme Solutions is a company located in Rome, Italy. We provide support for Squid including transparent caching proxies, WCCP, and access control. Other solutions including, but not limited to, Apache, Samba, Bind, freeRADIUS, kannel and OpenLDAP.
Dublin, Ireland
AdaptiveMobile provide a highly scalable and performant ISP/telco grade impleme ntation of URL Filtering on Squid, with an extensive range of functionality, policy hierarchy and management.
Advanced Data Systems
Medina, Ohio
We are a consulting company and offer implementations and support for Squid. ADS specializes in Internet security and all facets of networking for small businesses.
Afroz Alam
Afroz Provide commercial support of linux in Pakistan.
Ajk Communications
Sydney, Australia
0419 440 345
Ajk Communications are experts in configuring your squid caching servers, and any other type of internet server. We are also linux integration specialists in getting Linux to talk to Windows.
Madrid, Spain
Linux and Open Source consulting, deployment, training and support. Several squid installations. Consultoria, implantacion, formacion y soporte en torno a Linux y Open Source. Varias instalaciones de squid.
Albatross it
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Somos una empresa dedicada a brindar soluciones integrales y a medida en el area de seguridad informatica basadas en herramientas de Software Libre, especializandonos en la proteccion y salvaguarda de la informacion en la organizacion.
Alexandre Correa
Sacramento, MG, Brasil
+55 034 8802 0380
Suporte a instalaxe7xe3o e configuraxe7xe3o de servidores com SQUID, custom izaxe7xf5es de relatorios de acesso, filtros de sites...
Alsanet Networks, Inc.
Atlanta, GA
Squid and Squidguard solutions. We provide a wide range of open source services including consulting, deployment and hardware/software support and monitoring
ATRC provides commercial squid support on Linux in Pakistan Our web address is: atrc.net.pk.
Azna Network Services
Cape Town, South Africa
As linux specialist, we configure squid-cache servers, firewalls, files servers, mail servers, mail relay servers, PBX Based on open source asterisk
Blitz Web Solutions
Chennai, India
We provide services in linux + squid. Set up and maintenance of proxy server, intranet/internet servers.
Blueloop Ltd
+44 (0) 1460-271055
Blueloop provide consultancy services within the UK. Our expertise is broad and focused upon the corporate market. Our strengths include Open Source solutions including the Squid proxy caching server. Call us today for further information.
BlueQuanta Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Chennai. India
We are infrastructure management company from India, Our professinal Linux Mana gement Team, Implements Firewall and Proxy caching services using Squid solutions and maintain the same.
BrainNet Consultant
Bangkok, Thailand

+66-1847-5347, +66-2922-1997
Specialized in Squid on Linux, HP (Compaq) Unix. Bandwidth Management, SquidGuard, MRTG, PostFix, Squirrel Mail, Apache. Also Expert in Network, Cabling and Hospital Intelligent System. Sorry, NOT M$ "expert".
BSD Brasil
55 0xx14
We provide support on all Unix Like systems, vpopmail, qmail, BIND, SQUID, apache and much more.
Capa Tres Soluciones Tecnologicas S.L.
Barcelona, Spain
Capa Tres provides professional Linux Support for your environment. Real experience with Squid in mid-to-high environments. Our technicians are Red Hat Certified Engineers/Technicians.
CEINTEC Informatica y telecomunicaciones
Bilbao, Spain
+34 902678520
Ceintec provides Squid training services for Spanish customers. We provide squid installation and support services for businesses too. (business info: http://www.ceintec.com/empresas.html )
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
We are a Brazilian company located in Rio de Janeiro. Our professionals works with network security and network projects (one of our consultant is a bookssss author about Squid). We can configure and install Squid in many Linux flavors in some situations. We can speak Portuguese and English, and we wroked for some great companies in Brasil.
CherryFive Ltd
Glasgow & London
We are a company with experts to do Linux Support, Linux installations and resources. We provide companies with the best Linux solutions according to their needs. We expertise in Linux Mail, DNS, Proxy, Firewall and Webservers. We are dedicated to ongoing Linux support, installations and maintenance country wide.
Commercial IT Services
New Zealand, Auckland
+64-9-448 2711
Commercial IT Services provide support for various open source products and we are Linux integration specialists. We offer New Zealand companies affordable solutions and specialize in Squid proxy deployments into existing Windows networking environments.
Copyleft Solutions
Islamabad, Pakistan
Copyleft solutions specializes in providing support, consultancy and services for all major open source products. We provide installation, configuration and customization services for squid server.
We provide lots of IT services. Everything to do with freeware, how you can run your entire IT infrastructure without giving a single penny to Bill Gates. Currently all consultancy related to squid and squid related products is being provided free of cost. We will ensure that you end up satisfied with Squid. That is our promise
Cybersite Consulting
We offer a range of squid-related services including installation, support, training and custom solutions. Have provided services in interception caching, filtering, httpd acceleration and proxy networks. We have solutions for load balancing of caching including small LANs to much larger scale networks.
Paris, France

DECA'S is specialized on all products based on TCP/IP services (Apache, Sendmail, Postfix, DNS, LDAP,..). we integrate this solutions in every business type and every stages (studies of integration, configuration, installation, support)
Dokter Squid Indonesia
Indramayu, Indonesia

We are a provider SERVICE engaged in Internet network. Established since 2013, the Squid Proxy and MikroTik is the main program of our services.
DutNux Internet Technologies
Jakarta, Indonesia
We are a company located in Jakarta, Indonesia. We provide support for Squid including transparent caching proxies, WCCP, and access control. Other solutions including, but not limited to, qmail and djbdns.
Wroclaw, Poland
E-Systems provides squid support on linux, unix, *bsd systems.
ECKO Systems & Consulting
Bucharest, Romania

+40 724 078 861
ECKO Systems & Consulting provides IT solutions and services tailored to meet the needs of each client, independent of size and type of business. We are determined to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of any business's IT department.
EDP S.r.l
We provide commercial support for Squid, SCO UNIX, Cisco, Apache, Sendmail and any kind of Linux. Find us at: http://www.edpweb.com.
New York, USA
eGenius is a company working with Squid since 1998 and starting 2000, we have been building custom servers based on Squid.
Everyday Interactive Networks
team AT ein DOT com DOT au
EIN provides web development and support services for Australian and Internation customers. We can help you with achieving fast web applications through smart caching. Our services are really affordable and we view our success by your success.
Eyail Technologies

Networking & Information technologies support. Knowledge on Unix, Linux & Windows for networks topics. Internet services and security.
Fata Informatica
Roma, Italy
We provide commercial support for Squid, SCO UNIX, Apache, Sendmail and any kind of Linux.
Freecompany Desenvolvimento de Software Livre
Desenvolvimento e Implementação de Software Livre Servidores de Internet, Intranet, etc...
FSC Internet Corp
Toronto, Canada
We provide commercial Squid support; we frequently deploy squids in caching proxy, transparent caching proxy, httpd accelerator, and hierarchical modes, for a wide variety of corporate and public sector clients, including members of the Fortune 500.
Global Open Source Solutions UAE
Abu dhabi & UAE
+971 50 3983244
We provide support for Squid, including installation and customizations and on site support UNIX-Linux platforms.
Greensky Communications
Sydney, Australia
+61 1300 658 204
Greensky Communications provide consultancy services as well as support/integration/implementation solutions for Routing, Switching, Network Security. Including support for both Linux and Windows based squid installations.
Greensky Communications
Sydney, Australia
+61 2 8354 1748
Greensky Communications provides consultancy services as well as support/integration/implementation solutions for Routing, Switching, Network Security. Including support for both Linux and Windows based squid installations.
GSPIRE (Global Solutions Provider, Implementing Re
Faisalabad, pakistan
All Secure Networks is a dedicated Linux consultancy company proud to be supporting Linux solutions in the market place. Our expertise includes: squid in any configuration on Linux platforms; network management and security; complete email solutions; and domain and web site hosting. Please visit our website or contact us for further information.
HDE Group S.A.
Costa Rica
(506) 250-0601
We provide commercial support for Squid, including installation and customizations on OpenBSD, FreeBSD and almost any UNIX-Like platform like Linux. Take advantage of OpenSource software with us!
Henrik Nordstrom
Stockholm, Sweden
+46 708400959
Henrik Nordstrom provides a wide range of Squid services, including but not limited to customizations, development of new features, support, installation services, and much more. Phone support is available in the languages Swedish and English.
Hipertek Ltda
Hipertek Ltda ofrece soporte tecnico en instalacion y configuración de SQUID bajo linux RedHat en Colombia Tambien ofrece soporte en otros modulos como Apache, Sendmail, Firewall, PostgreSQL.
Ibermachines Sistemas
Valencia, Spain
GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD solutions provider. Installation, consulting and technical support for open source systems. Squid, Apache, Qmail, Postfix, Exim, and more.
ICT Innovations
lahore pakistan
ICT Innovation is open source solution provider , we provide squid based suppor t services we are confident in main domains including OPEN SOURCE (LAMP) deployment.
Hospedagem, manuteno, websolutions. tudo em internet que voca quer.
Sanct-Petersburg, Russia.
Full Squid support on FreeBSD platform, in any configuration. Also free basic s upport, and troubleshooting.
iinix Solutions

We provide commercial support and onsite training for Linux based servers in Pakistan. This includes file servers, Squid DHCP, NIS, LDAP, Apache, and mail servers.
Impact Services and Solutions
Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
We are providers of IT and Communication solutions for Institutions and SMEs on subscription basis. We believe in harnessing the power of proven Open Source Softwares like Squid, Postfix etc. combined with the expertise of our staff to deliver rock-solid performing products which are capable of supporting from a few to a few hundred users. We provide professional on-site and remote support for Squid and other open-sources.
Infomatik Inc.
We are supporting the complete SA territory and speak Portuguese, Spanish, English and German. We are experienced in compiling Squid for SCO and FreeBSD. We do custom configurations, OS and cache fine tuning, maintenance and remote administration. Also we can help setting your server into existing hierarchies giving you best performance. Contact us on our Web site or send e-mail.
Informed Italia S.r.l.
Palermo (Italy)
+39 091 307937
We provide professionals skills in Linux/Unix/FreBSD/Windows environment related to deploying, maintainance and training many Linux/Unix and Windows Servers like DNS, IDS, Web, FTP, Mail, Firewall, File Server, DHCP and Proxy Web Server based on Squid
Ingenieros Consultores
San José, Costa Rica
+506 364 6106
Ingenieros Consultores is a Linux especialist company in Costa Rica. We are squ id experts. Ask us about our services.
Initas Technologies
+234 (0) 804 522 80 19, 805 826 4146
Initas Technologies provides general support, training and consultancy for Wind ows and Linux including Squid, Apache, Samba, Bind, Qmail and OpenLDAP within Nigeria and West Africa.
Buckenhof, Germany
We are providing commercial support for all kinds of ISP related software and products, including Squid, Apache, INN, BIND or sendmail on Linux and Solaris platforms.
We are located at Sao Paulo, with Linux certified professionals and speak engli sh. Our main skill is to install and support firewall (IPTABLES), proxy (SQUID) and e-mail servers (Q-MAIL). Estamos localiza dos em São Paulo, com profissionais certificados em Linux. Nosso principal objetivo e atuar instalando e oferecendo suporte a servodores de firewall, proxy e e-mails. Utilizamos software livre, como IPTABLES e SQUID.
Guadeloupe, Martinique
0590 22 80 20
IPEOS: solutions internet, informatique et Logiciels Libres pour les entreprises et les collectivités de Guadeloupe et Martinique: partage de connexion internet et filtrage de contenu avec Squid/squidGuard. Formation administration Linux et Squid.
iServe Technologies
Pittsburgh, PA USA
iServe Technology is a consulting and implementation services company located i n Pittsburgh, PA. We support and manage UNIX / Linux environments and Windows Environments. We support software from Squid to C itrix Metaframe. Call us or email us with any of your problems, we will build you a solution. Intelligent solutions from intuitiv e minds!
ITWise Ltd
087 6477666
ITWise is an Irish based company providing all kinds of IT consultancy in vario us technology areas. We focus on delivering top class commercial support for open source software. ITWise offer customized Squid based Internet access control solutions.
Javier Liendo
Ciudad de México, México
Diseño, implementación y configuración del caché de Internet Squid para: cacheo de tráfico frecuente, aplicación de control de ancho de banda y filtro de contenido.
JVS do Brasil
Campinas, SP, Brazil
55 19 32541266
Empresa especializada em suporte Linux na regiao. Temos solucoes customizadas para controle de acesso a internet atraves de proxy SQUID. Consulte-nos.
Kavayon Consultants Company
Hong Kong, China
+852 3576-3856
Kavayon provides Linux/Unix server and IT infrastructure consulting in general, specializing in server-side software solutions including web, proxy, firewall, database, fax, windows file sharing, etc...
Knity Networks
Consulatation : Squid Proxy Web Cache Server Deployment , Tuning .
La Fourmi Informatique
Paris, France
+33 (0)
Nous sommes un centre de formation sur Linux et les Logiciels Libres dont SQUID. Parallelement, nous fournissons des solutions et du support sur les serveurs de cache internet ou intranet pour les petites et grandes organisations.
Lairds Computer Services
Houston, Texas, USA
Specialize in providing small businesses with commodity network services (DHCP, DNS, Web Proxy - Squid, Email, Remote Access, Windows File and Printer sharing - Samba) through the use of open source products (Linux and FreeBSD).
LaKe Consult Ltd.
Accra, Ghana
00233 24 4382522
LaKe Consult Ltd. supports a variety of web proxies and security solutions, among them SQUID. We are based in Accra, Ghana, but work throughout the West-African subregion.
Leigh Finch
Complete Squid systems couriered to your organisation, fully configured and ready to go.
Lightspeed Technologies
We provide commercial Squid support primarily in the Asia Pacific Region (although customers dot the world). We support a wide variety of clients in the corporate and public sector in Singapore ranging from small (<10) to large (>1000). We have implemented primarily transparent caching proxies with an emphasis on access control and employee internet management (EIM) ala Websense. Lightspeed is Asia's leading implementors of Linux and OpenSource provider. Other supported software include postfix/sendmail, Apache, Samba, Bind, PostgreSQL/Mysql, OpenLDAP Linux distributions supported are primarily SLES/SLED, RHEL and Fedora.
+33 0467866935
French Society which provide services on free software specially for squid, delegate, security. Services et intégration autour des proxys, des parefeux. Montage de solutions compléte dans les points d'accés sècurisès et l'interconnexion de réseau.
Linugen is a Linux minded Open Source solution provider. Using Open Source technology we offer our customers a wide range of high-end, but low-cost solutions. With Linugen your company has access to tomorrow's technology, giving your business a head start today.
Linux Manages!
Linux Manages! also provides support for squid caches on Linux. We do installations, maintenance, linking squids into existing hierarchies, remote support and tuning of the cache to the customer's needs.
provides custom Squid installation, configuration and fully pre-configured servers with global load balancing and redundancy
Linvision B.V.
Delft, The Netherlands
Linvision provides commercial support for Squid on installed proxy servers and on our own Linux-based routers and firewalls. Please visit our website to see our other Linux products and services.
Czech Republic
+420 474 745 159
LOGIOS offers business IT services for GNU/Linux, especially Red Hat Enterprise, managed by professionals including Red Hat Certified Engineers. Our services includes 24x7 SLA and High Availability services such as Squid clustering.
Loja V Multimedia e Internet Lda
Porto Portugal
Loja V is a Portuguese IT company proven dedicated to Webdesign, Hosting, Network Management , Server Administration , providing commercial support to Linux/Windows Based Solutions.
Mélix - Especialistas en Software Libre
Guadalajara, Mexico
+52-33-3833 3289
Soporte y mantenimiento de Squid y firewall para diferentes distribuciones de GNU/Linux
MARA Systems AB
Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 681 08 40
MARA Systems AB provides a wide range of Squid services, including but not limited to support, installation services, prepackaged Squid servers and much more. Phone support is available in the languages Swedish, English, Spanish and Persian.
Measurement Factory
+1 303-466-3913
The Factory specializes in complex and challenging Squid projects such as design of large-scale deployments, troubleshooting critical performance problems, and development of new features. Our team includes two Squid core developers, including the Squid creator Duane Wessels.
Mikronet Networks Ltd. Sti.
Istanbul, TURKEY
+90 532 330 59 19
Our Firm is providing squid proxy server support in TURKEY. We can speak english, turkish , serbian, russian. We are also selling actual proxy service for families in turkey to protect their children from unneeded content.
Mind nv
+32-16-309 666
Mind nv provides commercial Linux consultancy, support and training for Squid and integrated solutions (transparent proxying, load-balancing, httpd acceleration, ...) within Europe. Aside from Squid, we also support Apache, Samba, Bind, Qmail and OpenLDAP. Support is available on-site, by phone or over the Internet.
Nasf Innovations
Islamabad Pakistan
High performance web cache server with squid. Installation and maintinance consultancy services for WAN and LAN.
Naturesoft Pvt Ltd
Chennai, India
+91 44 24617193, 24617184
Naturesoft is a provider of Open Outsourcing services, with several years of experience in Linux and Embedded Systems. Naturesoft is part of the IT VEST group.
NEC Australia

+61 2 6250 8749
NEC Australia provides managed firewall solutions and support for Squid proxies running under linux based firewalls.
Net Open Services
Paris, France
We are a company of council that closely follow the Unix / Linux projects. We take part in some of them because we believe one speaks only better about the tools that one makes. Our offerings include Squid in some high level hosting, for example
Netcafe Solutions
Mexico City
5512044795, 5512044796, 5512044797
Mexican Consultants about linux, VoIP, networking armoring and obviouslly squid servers for your enterprise
We provide paid Squid support, we have number of squid deployments as caching p roxy, transparent caching proxy in combination with various antivirus and content filtering softwares.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
+55 21 8257-7777
Netrap provides commercial support for Squid and *NIX solutions. It has experience setting up and configuring Squid to do many different things. If you need assistance with your Squid web cache please contact us by phone or email.
netwing provides commercial Squid support. We are specialized in installing Squid Proxy Systems on Linux machines. Please contact us by sending an e-mail.
New Jersey, USA

Olexiy Merenkov Studio
Web Developer, providing commercial support for open source software.
One Net
Lahore, Pakistan
We are using Squid from very beginning and Currently running Squid on Multi Platform Environment ( BSD, Linux) both in Transparent and WEB cache format. Also have wide Experience in Cisco / Ascend and Squid Combinations.
Open Source Solution Providers, Pakistan
We are highly professionals in Linux/Unix environment. We provide every kind of services regarding deploying, maintainance, training etc. in all Linux/Unix Servers like DNS, IDS, Web, FTP, Squid, Mail, Firewall, File, DHCP etc. Squid Services provides caching, tranparent proxy, http accelerator, hierarchical modes, peer caching, advanced content filtering.
Platinum Inc.
Syria, Damascus
+963 11 33502300
Professional programers and support team. Good experience in Squid on RH Linux, Gentoo Linux and FreeBSD. Custom applications based on Squid.
PMD Computertechnik GmbH
Dortmund, Germany
We are providing commercial support for SQUID based production caches / internet security / mail systems ad blockers or completely whole company solutions.
Pragmatic Info Services
Chennai, India
Pragmatic Info Services is specialized in providing support to all the major OpenSouce Packages. We will install and configure the squid-caching server and provide the support services. We are providing Remote Server Administration Support, to reduce the risks of server downtime.
Midi-Pyrnes - France
praKsys provides professional installation and support of squid-cached web-farms.
Process Consultoria
55 61 3244-4747
Empresa de consultoria , com diversas solues em conectividade e segurana. Suporte, implantao e manuteno de proxys Squid.
Redox d.o.o.
++386 5 6710 700
Specialize in providing all businesses with commodity network services (DHCP, DNS, Web Proxy - Squid, Email, Remote Access, Windows File and Printer sharing - Samba) through the use of all available software or the development of custom Software.
Guadalajara, Mèxico
Seguridad y capacitacion en redes instalacion de firewall y proxy en FreeBSD y linux RedHat.
René Pfeiffer
Vienna, Austria
+43 676 5626390, +43 720 349387
Offering services such as system administration (server/network design, applications, maintenance, migration); working with Squid proxies for almost 10 years.
Revolution Linux
Montral :: Qubec :: Sherbrooke, CANADA
+1 (819) 780-8955
Revolution Linux is a company specialized in open-source-based large-scale infrastructure. Our security-services offer includes Squid deployment for infrastructure of thousands of users.
RJ Softwares
Kolkata, India
We provide squid installation, documentation and support services. Custom software development services for analysing squid log files is also provided by our experienced programmers.
Robert Wilson
Colton, CA
Robert provides commercial support for Squid. He has experience setting up and configuring Squid to do many different things. If you need assistance with your Squid web cache please contact him by phone, fax, or email.
Roberto Butti
Roberto Butti is an Information Technology Consultant. He provides commercial support, onsite training, installation and configuration for Linux based servers (Squid, postfix, apache, mailserver+antispam+antivirus...).
Missouri, USA

+1 (888) 767-3467
RoseHosting is a privately-owned company offering fully managed Linux virtual servers with free 24/7 support. We will install, configure and optimize Squid for you for free. We'll take care of your Squid server 24/7.
S.A Internet
South Africa
The S.A Internet Specializes in many caching and firewalling solutions which utilize Squid for corporate or educational clients and has been amongst the best in South Africa for many years.
Satya Digital Integrasi, PT
jakarta, indonesia
+62 21 68038070 / 5719538
www.satyadigital.com provide commercial Squid support, on site or remote access: design & consulting, implement (transparent, WCCP, Radius Authentication, MS Active Directory Authentication, Reporting, etc), maintain (7x24), grahical or detail monitoring. We also develop squid interface product called Cache+. For more information, FREE Trial please visit www.satyadigital.com or mail to sales-team [at]satyadigital.com
Savant Tecnologia
Brazil - SP
+55 (11) 5034-4199
Implantao de infra-estrutura em Linux, para acesso Internet e para rede local. Anlises de segurana e testes.
Savoir-faire Linux inc.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
+1 (514) 276 5468
Savoir-faire Linux is an IT consulting firm committed to providing businesses with high-quality, effective, innovative, secure and openended solutions for projects involving technological framework, integration, operations, development and personnel training related to the Linux platform.
Bogota, Colombia
571 6559800 - 571 6918957
SEAQ offers Specialized Linux Services for Colombia and LatinAmerica. Ofrecemos Servicios especializados en Linux para Colombia y Latinoamerica. We offer SQUID support for ISP, COMPANIES and SCHOOLS. Ofrecemos soporte SQUID para ISP, empresas y colegios.
shanghai new creative infomation techinic co.ltd
shanghai china
we support squid ,bind and freebsd based cdn.Now we have 100 clients. Thanks squid-cache.org support such a wondful product.
0870 608 0063
Sirius is the UK's leading open source services provider. Genuine 24/7/365 operation, and specialising in support, managed services, outsourcing, consultancy, deployment and training. Trusted to look after thousands of machines responsible for billions of pounds, euros and dollars of business value. Sirius designs, builds, supports and manages Squid systems since 1998 for independent Schools to ISPs, Garages to Government.
Smart Union Consultoria e Solucoes em Tecnologia L
Brasil - Sao Paulo/Rio de Janeiro
Empresa brasileira especializada em suporte Linux para Servidores. Instalaxe7xe3o/Configuracao do Squid com Sarg. Sxe3o Paulo
SmartOne Pty. Ltd.
Canberra, Australia
SmartOne provides premium IT and communication solutions. As part of an ongoing commitment to its clients, SmartOne provides a complete onsite support program backed with telephone and remote desktop support managed by its highly trained and qualified technicians and systems engineers.
SpeedComm Telecom
Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil
+55 11 3068-8685 or + 55 21 3872-2595
5 years of experience in Squid, MySQL and Apache. Clustering caches. Advanced content filtering.
"SquareRoot Networking Solutions", your partner in open source networks.
Squidrunner provides an opensource solution support based on web-caching, web-site filtering, web access reporting, network monitoring, authentication, web-site acceleration, cache hierachies, content management and security to leed cachy business. 24 x 365 days Live Support, IM chat, mail support guidance, playback using records and maintanence document provides a perfect support. Wishing best in your business with squid web-caching through squidrunner. Contact us on runnersupport@gmail.com.
Karachi, Pakistan
We are specialized in providing SQUID commercial support. Our Linux certified e ngineers have years of experience of squid implementation in production environment. Migration to Linux is our area of expe rtise.

emote installation, support, performance and security tuning for Squid and other software products.
Suretec Systems Ltd.
Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.
+44 (0) 1224 279484
We specialise in assisting businesses in harnessing the power, flexibility and reliability of open source software and the Linux Operating system. For an example of our Squid-cache work please visit: http://www.suretecsystems.com/docs/proxy-guide-en/ Open Source. Open Solutions.
Syed Networks
Lahore, Pakistan
92 333 9615969
We provide commercial support and onsite training for Linux based servers in Pa kistan. This includes Squid, Webserver, Asterisk PBX, VoIP solutions, MySQL database and IVR solutions.
Montpellier, France
Syloe est un prestataire de services informatiques spcialis en logiciels libres (Linux ... ). Nos champs d'expertises sont : la conception et la scurit des rseaux Intranet et Internet , la migration des systmes d'information ...
T Solution
Kathmandu Nepal
tsolution@gmail.com ; info@tsolution.com.np
High Performance Squid Cluster with load balacing, Unix server Administration. DNS, Apache, Mail server with Anti-Virus and Spamassassin Integration. Bandwidth Management in Linux and FreeBSD Platform. You just name it....and all in very resonable cost ;) 15 days Free Trial
Riverside, CA, USA

We provide Squid support, installation, and setup in Riverside County, Orange County, San Diego County, and the surrounding areas (face to face) in Southern California. Or, we can assist you remotely anywhere! We also provide many other services such as computer repair for Linux and Windows, network troubleshooting, wireless, remote access, etc. Please visit our website for more information and a list of services. We speak perfect English, provide American based support, and are honest. If you don't need something we will tell you so.
Barcelona, Espa&ntilde;a
+34 93 636 61 23
Servicios de seguridad informática y soluciones de código abierto para la pequeña y mediana empresa (Snort, Squid, netfilter, OpenSSH, Samba, etc.) sobre sistemas operativos GNU/Linux, OpenBSD y FreeBSD. Disponemos también de ~Snetwork appliances~T de seguridad y servicios de red.
Tegtmeier Internet Solutions
Hamburg, Germany
jan tegtmeier de
+49 40 60671199
We offer consulting, individual solutions, commercial support and maintenance for Squid and Linux in general. Focused on internet security, high availability and performance/optimization of web/database applications.
Telconet de Colombia ltda.
Pereira Colombia
57 6 3255986
more than 6 years experience in GNU environments.
The Penguin Factory
08700 686 306
Penguin Factory Limited is a Glasgow based IT consultancy company specialising in the support of Open Source and Linux based systems including MySQL, Squid, Samba and Exim. We aim to support small to medium sized organisations keen to explore innovative solutions and those looking to expand their IT resources without the financial burden of software licencing.
TintaDigital - STI, Lda
+351 217 101 165
TintaDigital is specialized in IT management and consultancy. Our goal is to support the growth of IT organizations in a planned, structured and sustained way. We provide installation, documentation and support services for different kinds of applications (including Squid). For the best results, TintaDigital uses the best-practices defined by international standards.
Treehouse Networks Ltd.
New Zealand
We operate out of New Zealand. Providing feature developments for Squid-3 and configuration assistance. We have several years experience with Squid and IPv6 network environments. Treehouse Networks is operated by Amos Jeffries, a core Squid developer and the current official maintainer for Squid-3.
Truelite Srl
Firenze, Italy
We provide SQUID and network related support and training.
St. Louis, MO
(800) 493-0535
UCE Bee offers Squid installation, management, and on-going support services. We have experience in tuning caches, building interactive modules with Squid, and troubleshooting issues.
ugly ducks
Germany, Berlin & Essen
We offer Commercial support for Squid, Samba and Apache and others on various D istris (eq Debian, SuSE, Red Hat, Gentoo)
Ute Imkenberg und Thorsten Mauch GbR
Hamburg, Germany
49 49 76750423
Imkenberg offers Linux consulting, project management and support services. We support Squid in a stand-alone environment as well as in complex proxy hierarchies.
Velan Info Services
Coimbatore, India
91 422 309 5171
Located at Coimbatore, India, Velan offers remote squid support services.
VisioLab GmbH
D&uuml;sseldorf, Germany
VisioLab GmbH provides commercial support for Squid and other Open Source products on different systems (Unix, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris/SunOS ...)
California, USA and Coimbatore, India
ViSolve provides 7x24 live squid support for wide variety of clients from Fortune 100 companies, ISPs to School Districts. With over a decade experience we assist customers to deploy custom configured squid as forward/direct proxy, reverse proxy, transparent proxy and truly transparent proxy (tproxy) according to their business demands. We also assist to configure WCCP(GRE/L2) or bridge with squid. Visit visolve.com for FREE squid manuals, tutorials, white papers, data sheets, demo and to know about other support services. Please feel free to write to us for more information and clarifications.
Provides Installation and configuration support for squid and squid related software. Also other OpenSource software consultancy.
walksideways.lk (private.) limited
Colombo, Sri Lanka
+94 11 5331533
walksideways.lk, an organization specializing in IT and IT related services. We provide commercial support for SQUID proxy servers that are configured on a redhat Linux platform. We also specialize in providing software solutions based on J2EE technologies using the JBOSS application server.
WebForce Network Technology Ltd.
Hong Kong
(852) 27880836
WebForce is a Linux service company founded in 1996 in Hong Kong. We provide configuration and support services for Squid in setting up caching proxy, transparent caching proxy, httpd accelerator, and hierarchical modes.
Wizards Computers
Lahore, Pakistan
We provide commercial support for Squid, SCO UNIX, Cisco, Apache, Sendmail and RedHat Linux . Specially Squid and Linux based Transparent Caches. We also build and provide support for LANs. For further information, please email us.
World Wide Communications
We are a a company who deal in LAN WAN and ISP setups. We have been using squid for about two years now. And we specialize in Tranparent caching and effective web cache setup.
Pirkkala, Finland
+358 (0)40 720 9660
Xetpoint Ltd. is an service company specialized on GNU/Linux and *NIX environments. We offer installation, maintenance and support services for Squid including transparent proxies, access control and content security.

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